Posted by: zaubizs | May 13, 2009

What most surprised you about your research?

In doing the research for my research paper, I was struck by a number of things that I was not used to dealing with when writing a research paper of this kind. For me the research that was involved in this paper was unlike any other research that I had ever done. In hindsight most of the difficulty that I experienced came from the topic that I chose to cover in the paper. In most research papers that I have written, the material that I want to look at and cover can be found pretty easily by using the index and table of contents in the sources being used. In trying to look at the language and words that are used within the New Atheism debate there was no one particular section that one could focus on within a source in order to pull information. What I was looking at was how the language and words of the different participants in the New Atheism debate came together to form the argument for that person? In order to do this one had to look at the work of the author as a whole and not pull from a single segment. This was an aspect of the research that I had not expected and proved to be not only time consuming but rather difficult as one had to figure out how all of the pieces of the writings came together to form the argument of the author. One aspect that did prove to be a little easier was when I focused on specific words such as “faith” and “religion”. The uses of these words were still scattered throughout the sources but it was a little easier to make the connections with these specific words.



  1. I think what surprised me most about my research was the abundance of material on my topic of evolution and faith. I requested about 12 books from Mobius and that was just a small portion of the information on the topic. With the New Atheists being rather new it was great to see so many responses to claims they make and all relevant and recent. I was a little overwhelmed by all of the information but I was excited to get started reading what seemed like an endless supply of materials.

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