Posted by: zaubizs | May 13, 2009

What have you learned about the relationship of faith and doubt?

For a long time I thought that doubt was something that was completely incompatible with faith. Doubt was something that came into ones life and once that happened the end result would always be the loss of ones faith. Once one began to doubt they were beginning to lose their faith in a process that would be continued with more doubt. I have changed my mind about how doubt affects faith. Now I believe that doubt can actually be one of the most beneficial things for faith. Doubting begins a process with questioning of the beliefs of the faith that one holds. Certain aspects of ones faith can be called into question. It is often that doubt arises when these questions that are asked go unanswered or are not answered in a manner that seems to be in accordance with the answers that the person that begins to doubt. The questioning causes one to analyze what is going on and thinks deeper about one’s faith or at least certain aspects of ones faith. Often these questions forces one to question what they believe in their faith however one of the most important things that the questions cause is one to why they believe certain aspects of their faith. In addressing these issues, one has the ability to strengthen one’s faith by questioning and doubting. This importance of questioning in order for one’s faith to grow fosters the idea that faith is not something that is stagnant but it is something that is constantly changing and growing for the individual believer.


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