Posted by: zaubizs | May 13, 2009

What has being a major in theological studies meant to you?

I became a theology major in what I consider to be somewhat of a roundabout way. I had previously been a Christian raised in the Baptist tradition. I had attended public school for all of my schooling up to college. I had originally had no plan to take anymore classes besides the required three theology classes. I did not plan on being involved in any of the Catholic services and activities on campus. I was actually very excited to find some of the other Christian organizations on campus. Both of these views changed pretty quickly after participating in my first theology class. I greatly enjoyed the introductory theology course and looked forward to taking the other two required classes. After taking the next two classes, I decided to continue to take more theology courses and did so until at in the middle of my junior year I finally declared theology as my major. While I had a pretty big change in my plan for taking theology courses, I am incredibly glad that I did do so. In taking these theology courses, I have gained a new respect on what it means to study theology. My original thought was that the theology courses would be incredibly dry and have nothing to offer in terms of growing my relationship with God. I have found the complete opposite and have grown in ways that I would have never thought possible through the theological studies that I have done. While I by no means have anywhere near a marginal grasp of any of the concepts that I have studied, I am pleased with the wide variety of theology classes that I have taken which has offered differing perspectives.


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