Posted by: stumpffk | May 13, 2009

The Trinity Renewed

I never thought last semester would have benefited me much to be honest.  It was an entire semester based on the trinity and philosophy, and let’s be honest, the Trinity has very little importance in our lives today, even if Lacugna disagrees. 

However, this semester, while working on my final thesis project, the doctrine of the Trinity finally reached full swing and meaning in my life.  Last semester, the doctrine of the Trinity was still as abstract to me as it was before, but working on evolution and God, my ideas were renewed and reaffirmed.   Working on my final thesis project and really re-evaluating my beliefs on evolution and God, the doctrine of the Trinity has become a foundational belief in my faith. 

After going to see Dr. Kenneth Miller last semester in his talk between biology and theology, I have been deeply interested in the seeming conflict between evolution and theology and he re-affirmed my belief that theology and biology could be reconciled, although I had no evidence.  Dr. Miller gave me more reason than before to believe that human evolution from primates was a reality and that this reality could still be compatible with the Christian view of God.

After investigating further, after my initial love of the integration between theology and biology, the trinity began to have real implications in my life, more so than I ever realized and more so than I ever was possible after last semester.  The doctrine of the Trinity was always an abstract doctrine that I never fully understood or thought applied to my life, until I started researching more on the Trinity and evolution.  I came to the ultimate realization that the doctrine of the Trinity was the only legitimate way to view God and evolution and that the only way we can reconcile a Christian God and the scientifically verifiable theory of evolution was through the interconnectedness of the Trinity.  Never before has the Trinity has such important meaning to me as I view evolution and the Christian notion of God.  For the first time, the Trinity has intimate meaning to me and I can thank not only Dr. Robinette for the suggestion to add the Trinity into my discussion, but also Fr. Voiss for introducing us to the ever so mysterious doctrine of the Trinity.


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