Posted by: amharmon | May 13, 2009

The End of the Beginning…

I hope that this semester and four years as theology majors has been as life-changing and beneficial  for everyone in our class as it has for me. Going back, though I had have to deal with many hardships (and probably should have taken a semester off), I would not change anything. I am one of those followers of old-fashioned wisdom who believes that everything happens for a reason. (I hope that this it true). Perhaps my questioning of my faith will lead me to becoming an even stronger follower and person. I hope no matter what everyone does with their futures that they retain the fundamental things that we have been taught at SLU. For me, these are the acceptance of each human person regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion. I hope to become an agent of the US goverment in Foreign Service and will use this idea of acceptance of all human persons throughout my career and hopefully life. That seems to me to be the only way that situations of peace will prevail in this world that is increasingly conflicted. I have attached a song by Lily Allen (called ‘Kabul Sh**) that I have been listening to throughout this semester. Regardless of ones political views (she seems to be speaking out against the actions of Tony Blair and Bush), this song could have some meaning to hopefully everyone in our class. The first lyrics in the song, “There’s a hole in our logic…” seem to define the entire song. People will continue living for themselves and lacking understanding of others who are different as long as this mentality is allowed to continue. So if it takes someone like Lily Allen to write a song, or people like us to take this sense of understanding and acceptance into whatever path this life takes us on, things can and hopefully will change. Thanks to everyone for a great and insightful semester and good luck with wherever life takes you! Kabul Sh** by Lily Allen


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