Posted by: zaubizs | May 13, 2009

Looking Back on Last Semester

In thinking about the past two semesters as a whole, I began to think of some of the ideas that I thoroughly enjoyed discussing and working with in the seminar. I also tried to think of some of the topics that we covered in the fall semester that we came back to discuss this semester. I actually can think of very few things from the fall semester that seemed to have an immediate impact on what we covered in the second semester or were involved to a great degree in the discussion of the New Atheism. One of the most interesting aspects of religion is the importance of community. For the Christian religion, I think that community is something that is not fully appreciated or even embraced by many of the believers. In the fall semester, we participated in numerous discussions about the importance that community can play in developing in true relationship with God. This was especially highlighted when looking at LaCugna. The idea of community was something that I was hoping that we would be able to discuss in greater depth this semester. With the topic of New Atheism for this semester, discussing became a more difficult topic to discuss than had been the previous semester. Now looking back on this semester, I would like to further address community and see what possible roles that community can offer in the New Atheism debate. I don’t really remember anyone touching greatly upon this idea within their presentations and would be interested to see if community and the powerful role that it can provide for a Christian life would resolve any issues in the New Atheism debate.


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