Posted by: zaubizs | May 13, 2009

Interesting Use of New Atheism to Get to Education

As we began to look at the New Atheism I was not incredibly excited as I suspected a large focus to be put on the sciences. I became even less at the prospect of having to sit through a parade of presentations on science and the New Atheism during our final senior panels. After hearing about the papers and seeing the presentations of everyone in the class, I was greatly surprised and pleased to see such a wide variety of topics that dealt with the New Atheism that were not completely science based. Two of the most interesting presentation and paper topics dealt with the educational system and how the New Atheism presented a point to start from or even highlighted the issue of education. The education systems that are particularly interesting to look at are the ones that have a religious affiliation. I really enjoyed hearing the different ideas that Andrea had to offer in regard to working toward a multi-religious or inter-religious educational system. I found it very interesting how she took something from Dawkins’ writings that seemed to be such a small point and went with it in order to tie in something that she was thoroughly interested in. I found the concepts of multi-religious and inter-religious education to be incredibly fascinating. I would agree that both would seem to be very difficult to incorporate into the school system. Even if we don’t get to the levels that these models call for I would like to see more variation in the religions that are even mentioned in a positive light in the education system. I would be very interested to see how the models of such different types of religious education will work out in the schools where they are being tried in Europe.


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