Posted by: andreaheyse | May 13, 2009

Improvement on religious education

One of the prompter questions Dr. Robinette sent us was: “Do you think religious education in our parishes and schools are adequate to give people a basis for engaging ideas like we’ve encountered this semester? How might religious education be improved in that regard?” This was a question that pertains pretty perfectly to my paper so I’ll dabble a bit:

First off, I don’t think that religious ed. in the churches or schools is doing a great job of introducing pluralistic ideas. That being send, I’m sure it depends on where the church/school is located and I’m also coming off of my own personal experiences where looking back, I don’t think it was enough. I think that the earlier in childhood that concepts of pluralism can be introduced, the better. Why not start ideas of acceptance as early as we can? When I was in grade school and high school, I can’t ever remember having a conversation even remotely surrounding the concept of atheism or really anything other than Catholicism. Going to Catholic schools it would make sense to be taught those concepts but I think that kids need to get a grasp on the bigger picture well before college, when I started thinking about these things. I think the models of either multi-religious education or interreligious education are great ways to improve upon these shortcomings. I don’t know how ready the U.S. would be for these ideas at this time but I think starting small, with religious ed classes and private school religion classes could be one option.


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