Posted by: nuismera | May 13, 2009

Final Thoughts

I want to thank every single one of you for every thought, idea, frustration, etc that you’ve shared over the course of the year.  Most majors don’t know everyone graduating with them and I think we can safely say that we’ve come to know each other, grow alongside one another, challenge one another’s thinking and become friends.  I choose this major in the beginning because I had a personal interest and it seemed like a good idea at the time, I could not have imagined a better decision nor a different course here at SLU.  Theology has opened up doors to some of my favorite classes: senior seminar of course, social justice, spirituality of Asia, War and Ethics to name a few.  Also, the Puleo scholarship that Ryan, Heyse and I were lucky enough to experience was life changing and wouldn’t have been possible any other way.

We all have great dreams and big futures ahead of us but just as big are the problems we face.  I have hope that we will meet the challenges of our lives head on and solve the pressing problems that plague our generation but I also hope we will never forget our Jesuit education and the mission of being men and women for others.  This is beginning to sound like a graduation speech so I think I’ll switch gears.  I feel so grateful for the education we have all received these past four years: knowledge does indeed give us immense power and I pray we use that power to give back and to change the world for the better.  I find myself wishing that we could all start all over again or at least stay in undergrad studying what we love for another four years but alas on Saturday we mark a new chapter in our lives.

I have learned so much about theology, God, and myself these past four years and I don’ t think any of this comes to an end with the end of college, rather we continue on this journey until the day we die.  I know that this still sounds like some sort of speech but I really have come to love and appreciate each of you and I wish you the best and that you fulfill all your dreams and God’s purpose for your lives.  Paz companer@s, it’s been a wonderful journey thus far!


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