Posted by: stumpffk | May 13, 2009

Final Presentations

I usually don’t like giving presentations much and presenting my work to peers but for some reason this semester it was different.  Putting together a condensed version of my paper led me to rediscover what all of my research led to and the theologies I was able to synthesize.  Finally presenting this semester long work was really important to me as I was able to share my research and my views on integrating already present, Christian ideas of God with Darwin’s theory of evolution.  I felt like I was able to give this knowledge to other people who might be struggle and wrestling with questions about God and evolution and I hope it helped them along their journey. 

I also really enjoyed listening to everyone else’s presentations and what they were working on.  It was great to hear some other projects and the conclusions they reached, whether working on science and faith or otherwise.  Not to single anybody out or leave anyone out but for me the panel on personal experiences of God was maybe one of my favorites because it was less of combating Dawkins or someone directly and more of a way that a personal relationship with God is important in having faith and that is something the New Atheists maybe just haven’t experienced yet.  All the other presentations were great as well and I have taken a step back and realized that this semester I didn’t do my learning on my own but did it through the help of everyone in class bringing their own opinions and view points to the table.  I enjoyed getting to know all of you a lot better this semester and I am greatly going to miss this subject with these people.  Just wondering if anyone else had an strong opinions or feelings about the final presentations.



  1. I agree that the panel presentations were great in being able to hear everyone’s research in a condensed version. For me too, the presentations more closely related to personal experiences with God provided a lot more meaning to me, perhaps because I could better understand them. I thought that the presentation by Rachel A. was great and I think it took a lot of courage for her to get up and speak personally about her experiences and development with God. I learned a lot within this class about other people, especially by the final presentations. I was very worried about giving mine, but once the time came I felt at peace. I think that if the possibility remains, this should definitely continue to be a requirement for all theology majors, because of the things that others can learn from each person’s presentation.

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