Posted by: stumpffk | May 12, 2009

The Big Bang and The Resurrection

So this post is a long time coming but here it is.  Last Easter my priest back home gave a homily somehow relating Jesus and time travel and how Jesus pretty much defies all time travel and time restraints through his resurrection on the third day… I don’t really remember it that well.  This year, around Easter time I was doing research for my paper and working on writing it and I was reading Francis Collins’ book, The Language of God and I was at the part where Collins talks about Stephen Hawking and his work, A Brief History of Time which if I remember correctly had a lot to do with the cosmos theory and the big bang. 

So I went to Easter mass with my family on Sunday and the same priest from last year gets up for his homily and reiterates some of the points he made last year and began talking about the big bang and pulled out a book someone gave him in the congregation after last year: Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time.  He started relating how the Big Bang was this huge event in time that is still causing the universe to expand and still affects us today.  He then tied this in to Jesus’ resurrection in that, just like the Big Bang, Jesus’ resurrection is still resonating and affecting us today.  I found that an extremely interesting link to make and one I particularly found intriguing and interesting considering not two days earlier I was reading all about Stephen Hawking and the Big Bang.  Anyway I thought it was an extremely weird coincidence and I though I would share.


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