Posted by: crewsnr | May 12, 2009

A Little Reminiscing…

During these last couple weeks, I have been remembering these last four years of college and all of the memories I have from this period of my life.  As a result of the education I have received and my experiences during this time, I am a very different person than the eighteen year old who showed up for college in August of 2005.  I have truly enjoyed being a Theology major and have really learned a lot, particularly in the last year.   I have really benefited from the two senior Seminars and want to say thank you to all my peers who have shared their ideas and thoughts with me and listened to mine over the last couple years.

I decided to become a theology major because I wanted to learn more about my faith and deepen my understanding of Christianity and other religions in order to teach others about it.  And I quickly discovered that I had a lot to learn!  I still remember the day four years ago when I was introduced to the historical-critical method for interpreting Scripture and other texts.  Looking back on the two large paper projects from this year, I am amazed at how much I learned and gained from those experiences.  I have watched some of my fundamental beliefs and ideas about God have changed in this last year.   It has been very exciting, and I know that it will serve me well in the future!  I feel very blessed to have had this opportunity to work with all of you and to learn about my faith!



  1. Nick, you are certainly not alone at all! When I look back at the person I was entering SLU, I have noticed that I have changed and grown tremendously in my faith and way of thinking. By hearing the thoughts and opinions of others that are different from my own, I have been able to open myself up to ideas and concepts that I never even knew existed before my experience as a theology major. Growing up in a generally socially homogenous town, i have definitely benefited from the opportunity of branching out that college gave me. One thing I think I have learned as a theology major is that truth can be found in multiple places and backgrounds. I am now unafriad to disagree with with my parents, friends, or teachers on controversial issues. i think this is one of the main purposes of college anyway- truly learning how to think for yourself and opening yourself up to change.

  2. Hear hear, Nick!

    I share your enthusiasm. This class has been wonderful because we have the opportunity to explore all sorts of great ideas that are, if we are honest with ourselves, not typical of a Theology department. I think Robinette is a definite risk-taker in assigning a class such as this for the senior seminar. However, it was this kind of attitude that made the class extremely rich. I loved it.

    I remember getting to know everyone in the first semester. Some of us knew others, and it was awkward as anything when we tried to stand up and introduce someone else to the class. However, two semesters later I think we have a good grasp on what everyone’s academic interests are, what makes people drive, and we even got to have some serious fun in group projects and panels.

    At times it wasn’t easy, but I am extremely grateful for this semester and the time I had to spend with all of the graduating seniors in theology. I won’t soon forget it.

  3. Nick,

    I share a similar appreciation for my experience as a theology major. I will walk away from SLU with a much more nuanced and authentic understanding of my own beliefs. Although what I’ve learned through reading and writing has been significant, the most transformative experiences I’ve had have been in my interactions with both my professors and peers. The insight I’ve gained through listening, debating and collaborating has contributed the most to shaping my understanding of character, my values, my spirituality and the greater world.

  4. I agree with you Nick in the great experience that has been my time as a theology major. As someone who never expected to be a theology major, I have been pleasantly surprised by the growth in my faith and relationship with God that has come from being a theology major. I also completely agree with you on how great of an experience the two seminars have been especially to be able to grow and learn with a group of people who seemed to be growing and learning of one another and not just with one another. I know myself that I was a little iffy about the first seminar and how everyone would get along. By the end of this semester, we were all able to go celebrate our successes together at Iggy’s …. well done everyone.

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