Posted by: Brian Robinette | February 24, 2009

Eye to Eye: A Moment of Reflection

self-reflectionNow that we are entering into a new phase of the seminar’s proceedings, it’s time to internalize and articulate the meaning of what we’re doing, and how we might make it more meaningful yet. After today’s seminar, some of us began discussing how helpful and interesting it would be if we could all hear from each other about what the seminar’s proceedings means to us individually. While we have been discussing things in common, and while many of us have had informal conversations about issues and questions raised thus far, I would like to invite each of you to compose a new post in which you say something, even if brief, about what you are getting from this seminar so far, what has impacted you thus far, or what you hope to get from the seminar, with the intention that we could have a more complex and rich understanding of the dynamics involved in our collective enterprise. This seminar has only a minimal script. We get to write it as we proceed. Let’s advance the script by allowing this blog to serve as a medium of reflection, for seeing eye to eye.

Let me suggest the following questions as prompts:

1. What have you learned about yourself and your theological views that you didn’t know prior to engaging this material?

2. Is there a particular issue or question that has been raised in the seminar thus far that now occupies a certain centrality in your thoughts and reflections, but which had previously been peripheral or almost entirely unacknowledged?

3. What in the seminar are you struggling with? Perhaps you are struggling to find ways to take some of this with the seriousness that others seem to, in which case I might ask as a followup, how might you find a way to more thoroughly engage some of the questions and issues raised thus far to meaningfully advance your own theological vision?

4. What has been confirmed thus far in our seminar proceedings? Is there something that you’ve only been vague about, but now have greater clarity?

5. What has most surprised you in our study thus far, and why has it surprised you? How might you make sense of this, and how might it impact (or not impact) your own views of theology and its tasks?

6. What question hasn’t been ask thus far, or inadequately addressed, and how might we better ask and address it?

7. And, when all other questions fail to stimulate, what does the seminar’s proceedings mean to you? How are you making sense of it? How might you make better sense of it?

I’ll post my own response in the near future.


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