Posted by: Brian Robinette | February 4, 2009

Faith, Rationality and a Dash of Truthiness

With our study of Sam Harris now approaching, let me refer you to a couple of resources.

This is the Colbert Report!

This is the Colbert Report!

Here is an amusing primer: Sam Harris entering the world of Stephen Colbert.

Choice quote from Colbert: “I’m a gerbil on the wheel, what part of my loop don’t you want to get on?”

Harris (left) Sullivan (right)

Harris (left) Sullivan (right)

And, more substantially, though not quite as funny, is a lengthy and wide-ranging diablog between Harris and Andrew Sullivan. Harris and Sullivan engage here in a civil discussion/debate over a broad range of matters pertaining to rationality, science, politics, and religious imagination and practice. While the limits of the medium do not always allow the discussion to go as deep as one might wish, there are issues here very much worth considering.


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