Posted by: Brian Robinette | January 4, 2009

Welcome to the Senior Seminar Multi-Authored Blog!

As we gear up for the upcoming seminar, let me invite you to explore this site to familiarize yourself with the topic.

If you look above this post, you will see several tabs. To learn more about this year’s theme, first select “About the Seminar.” This will give you a brief overview. For more information, select “Research” to find books, articles, and links to websites related to the New Atheism. Some of the linked articles especially will be helpful to orient you to what is called the New Atheism and why it is an import topic for Christian theology to address. You may also browse some of the debates and videos under “Video Resources.” This will not only give you a sense for the kinds of debates we’ll be studying, but also a sense for the several personalities who are most identified with the New Atheism. (Other parts of the blog are still under construction.)

On the right hand column of the main page you will find links to the books we’ll be using in the seminar. All links go to

I look forward to the coming months of exploring this provocative and timely topic with you. Enjoy the rest of your break and come back refreshed and renewed for the work ahead.


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